As a result of the introduction of the new requirements in the legal framework established by the EASA/FAA, it is required that the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations (CAMO), Maintenance Organizations (Part 145) and the certifying staff are familiar with the requirements concerning safety in the Fuel Tanks, and on how these tasks of inspection, maintenance and repair affect to them.

This course offers a complete overview of the risks of working in fuel systems and implemented measures in terms of maintenance of these systems.


Access prerequisites

This course of Fuel Tank Safety Level 2 includes the Course of Fuel Tank Safety Level 1, and therefore it is not necessary to have studied the course of level 1 previously.


Who should attend this course?

This course is mandatory for the personnel belonging to organizations EASA CAMO, personal belonging to EASA 145 Organizations and for holders of EASA licenses Part 66 that are part of organizations EASA CAMO and EASA145.



  • Gain knowledge about the security-related events in the Fuel Tank Safety systems, from a theoretical and practical point of view
  • Get an overview of the FAA regulations known as SFAR 88 (Special FAR)  and the JAA TGL 47
  • Be able to give a detailed description of the concept of Fuel Tank System ALI, including CDCCL and know the way in which these elements affect the aircraft
  • Be able to identify in the manufacturer’s documentation, the components or parts of the aircraft subject to FTS


Legislation that this course complies

This course has been developed according to the obligations laid down in the AMC/GM of Annex II (Part-145) of the Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014 where are established the requirements that the training in Fuel Tank Safety must met.


Characteristics of the course

  • Language: available in Spanish, English and Portuguese
  • Modalities
    • Online
    • Face-to-Face: Check availability in Info@martinfisher.es
  • Price: 85€ VAT included
  • Duration: 5 hours of study.
  • Access time: 50 days from the time of access to the system
  • Evaluation system: in order to receive the Certificate and Diploma is necessary to pass a questionnaire with a minimum of 75%. 3 attempts maximum are allowed. Apart from that, the student will follow a continuous assessment process, according to the Regulations, to help him/her strengthen the knowledge in a progressive manner.