Questions and answers about the services of Martin Fisher

Information about online courses


What happens once I have paid for the course?

We enable access to our E-Learning Software through identifier and password, and you can start to enjoy the content of the course.

Do the courses give me a certificate or diploma?

Yes, they do. At the end of the course, a Certificate is issued as the student has successfully completed the course and has passed all the requirements to pass it (either through a final exam, partial exams, test questions, or other evaluation tests). A few days later, the student will receive at his/her home an official print Diploma.

How long it will take to have the Diploma?

At the same time as the course ends, the student has a certificate that allows him/her to prove the satisfactory completion of the course. After a few days, he/she will receive at his/her home an official Diploma in paper format. Both the Certificate and the Diploma have the same validity.

Are these courses more extensive or I will it require more effort than other similar courses?

No, they are not. The courses developed under EASA regulations are set to it, and therefore, any course that is not adapted to it is considered by definition incomplete.

In general terms, the courses have additional lessons available for the student which provide added value and reinforce the didactic nature of the course, but which do not intercede in the resolution and approval of the course, they have a voluntary nature.

What happens if I need additional time to finish the course?

Registration for the course provides access during the time stipulated in the course description, the right to tutoring and resolution of doubts and the right to receive a Certificate and a Diploma if you have completed it successfully. Beyond the specified time you do not have access to the lessons. All courses are presented with a wide margin of realization so that each student can do them easily.

About face-to-face courses


Where do the face-to-face courses take place?

In case of a company, it is the client who chooses depending on his/her preferences: the course may be taught in his/her premises (no limit of trip), or in our classrooms. In case of individuals, they will be informed about the dates and location available.

As a company, I need to keep a register and control the training of workers. Could I assign to Martin Fisher this responsibility?

Yes, Martin Fisher directs and manages the training plan for workers, so that each one of them is informed and has access to our studies platform when their certificates need to be renewed.

Do the courses offered in institutions such as Universities or Schools have the same characteristics as the courses offered by Martin Fisher?

No, they have not. There is a difference regarding the issuing of Diploma and payment of access fees to the course that will depend on the institution. For example, in case of courses taught in a University, the Diploma that the student will receive, it will be an official diploma issued through the University’s own title, and access fees will be paid through the university.

Are the courses of Martin Fisher taught at the University validated/exchangeable/considered as free-choice credits?

Yes, they are. The courses that Martin Fisher performs in Universities are considered as free-choice credits and as such, can be used to achieve the number of credits required by law to get a University Degree

About tailored courses


Can I suggest a tailor-made course independently of its nature?

No, since Martin Fisher only develops courses related to the Aeronautical and Engineering sector.

I have a course proposal and I would like to give it visibility. Could Martin Fisher offer my course?

Yes, we can. There are a few requirements to meet in order to teach a course through Martin Fisher. We will assess thoroughly the contents and the author/tutor training, to ensure that the quality of content and service is preserved. Before any irregularity or anomaly detected, Martin Fisher automatically takes the contents and established rights off.

Contact us for more information.

As a company, association, school or agency I want to apply for a Martin Fisher’s course on a specific subject for my students, how soon can I get it?

The time varies according to the extension and the contents of the course. Requests for tailored courses must be made sufficiently in advance to be able to have the widest possible time to modify, add or make changes to the content.